Orocrypt: A Panama-based asset digitization platform

Introducing Orocrypt, a Panama-based asset digitization platform that aims to issue tokenized precious metals on the Ethereum blockchain. Orocrypt  has announced the launch of its first ever ICO on June 14, 2017, at 6:00 AM (PDT). Investors will get the chance` to purchase OROC share-tokens, which represent shares of the company. Only a limited supply of OROC share-tokens will be issue for only 9 euros each and investors can pay in Bitcoin, Ether or Euros.

After the ICO, Orocrypt plans to  launch its gold-based tokens (ORO.G), each representing 30g of the highest quality LBMA-compliant bullion gold. These gold based tokens will be compatible on all Ethereum wallets, can be instantly traded on any exchange platform and can be physically redeemed anywhere, anytime .


Orocrypt places security and transparency above all, which is why all aspects of token issuance will be open and auditable. The bullion will be stored in secure vaults around the world in Switzerland, Liechtenstein , Hong Kong and the Cayman Islands, where it will be fully audited every month by the renowned SGS ( Societe Générales de Surveillance).

Orocrypt has paved a new way to provide proof of ownership for precious metals. So join Orocrypt on June 14  to become a shareholder and a part of the asset digitization industry from its inception. Early birds will even get 5% off and the two largest investors will get the chance to be on the Board of Directors!

Orocrypt is also hosting a Bounty program on social media. Bounty winners will get a portion of the funds raised from their ICO. So make sure to follow and join their Bounty competition here.

To learn more about Orocrypt, check out these links!

Note: ICO is currently live!

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