Checking a condition in Yii Cgridview(Check infinite conditions)

While developing an application in Yii, i was held up in a situation where i needed to check for value from database and display value accordingly. I tried using the conditional operator :

(condition) ? "True":"False";

but then this is useful only for checking two values.. I had headaches trying to figure out the double quotes issues while using the conditional statements for checking 3 conditions.

I am an active member of the Yii forum and through that i got the perfect solution and i thought of sharing it here :

    'name' => 'userType',
    'type' => 'raw',
    'htmlOptions'=> '',
    'header' => 'User Type',
        if ($data->userType  == 1){
            $class = 'Amin';
        else if ($data->userType == 2){
            $class = 'Moderator';
            $class = 'Users';
        return $class;

You can literally check infinite conditions using this and it is clean and follow the rules of Yii.


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