Cancel $http requests in AngularJS

Recently i came across a situation where i needed to cancel $http requests in Angular. At first glance at the issue, i thought i did not have control over the requests that are sent, however after some research came to the conclusion that we can cancel $http requests. The following is what i did:

Example 1 – Normal jQuery – Ajax

Keep a reference to the request as follows:

var xhr = $.ajax({
    type: "POST",
    url: "user.php",
    data: "fname=Roy&lname=MJ",
    success: function(result) {
        alert("Success: " + result);
    error: function(err) {
        alert("Error: " + err);

Now you can simple cancel $http requests as follows:

//kill the request

In AngularJS, the basic idea is similar, but with the help of promises, we can implement as:

var canceller = $q.defer();
$http.get("/users.php", {
        timeout: canceller.promise
    .then(function(response) {
        $ =;
$scope.cancel = function() {
    canceller.resolve("user cancelled");


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