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Blocklancer is a so called Distributed Autonomous Job Market (DAJ) on the Ethereum platform, our vision of a completely self-regulatory platform for finding jobs and getting projects done. It will change the way freelancing works, both for customers and freelancers, and it will lift the reliability of freelancing to new heights.

Find jobs: Find jobs easily even without knowledge of what the blockchain is. You can search for jobs on our job market platform or build your reputation as a freelancer and get contacted directly by customers requesting your expertise. Simplicity is a core principle of this platform.

Get jobs done: In need of getting a job done? No problem! Simply create a job offer at our platform and wait for freelancers to take you up on your offer or contact trustworthy freelancers directly. It’s as easy as it gets!

BLOCKLANCER SOLVES ALL PROBLEMS OF CURRENT FREELANCER PLATFORMS: With this project we want to tackle several issues that are currently prevalent in the freelancing world, including but not reserved to: fake reviews, getting the payment for your work reliably and the uncontrollable influence of a central authority figure.

Guaranteed Payment: On Blocklancer you only have to pay if you are 100 % satisfied with the work or if certain milestones are reached. And in case of a dispute the token holders will decide. Never again will you encounter unilateral decisions by a biased authority and an unfair money loss.

Fair and Automated Settling of Disputes: Never depend on a single authority to settle your disputes again. With our token holder tribunal (THT) the decision lies in the hands of thousands of token holders, guaranteeing a fair decision.

Low Fees: Our fees are only 3 % per job, several times lower than on other freelancing websites. Freelancing will finally be a lucrative way of earning money – and reliable as well.

No Censorship: Because of the blockchain, your job offers can’t be deleted under any circumstances. Political Correctness and personal feelings play no role anymore, because the blockchain is incorruptible.

THE LANCER TOKEN: The Tokens represent the share you have in our project. The Tokens are therefore comparable to shares in a company, where you receive a certain percentage of the companys revenue.

Token holders earn Fees: 100 % of the fees earned from jobs on our platform will be distributed among the token holders.

Token holders keep the System running: The token holders will be given a vote in our token holder tribunal, settling disputes between customers and freelancers.

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